Medical Benefit of Ablution (Wudhu)

Ablution for health benefits has been a lot of attention from health experts. One of the health experts who conduct scientific studies of the ablution is Dr. Magomedov, assistant to the institute of General Hygiene and Ecology (Public Health and Ecology) in Daghestan State Medical Academy.
According to Dr. .. Magomedov, ablution can stimulate /stimulate the body's natural rhythms, especially in an area called the Biological Active Sports (bases) or biologically active points. According to this research, bases similar to Chinese reflexology points.

Prof. Werner Leopold von Ehrenfels, a psychiatrist at the same time Austrian neurologist. He also found something amazing in the ablution of being able to stimulate the nerve centers in the human body. Because the alignment of water with ablution and nerve points, the body's condition continues to be healthy.

Mokhtar Salem in his book Prayers a Sports for the Body and Soul explains, washing can prevent skin cancer. These cancers are caused by chemicals that each day and be absorbed by the skin attached. Then, when cleaned with water (especially during ablution), the chemical that will dissolve. In addition, he explained, ablution also cause people to look younger.

Preventive Cleansing

From a non-alternative medicine perspective, Mukhtar Salem, in his book titled ?Prayers: a Sport for the Body and Soul?, speaks about the health benefits of every aspect of ablution. He does not speak about the BASes in one?s body, but nevertheless, he describes the preventive benefits of ablution.


Ablution, he says, helps prevent skin cancer. This is his explanation: the areas that are washed during ablution are the parts of the body that are most prone to be exposed to pollution, whether it is pollution from the internal secretions of the body on to the skin surface, such as sweat, or whether it is external. Ablution, removes this ?pollution? five times a day, and hence maintains a clean outside layer of skin, which in turn helps the cells underneath to function properly.

Also, washing with water helps invigorate the ends of the blood vessels, as well as the nerves and glands that are near the skin surface, and hence helps them perform their functions efficiently.[Salem, Mukhtar, Prayers: A sport for the soul and body, CAIRO, The Arab Modern Center (1990), pg. 52.]

Salem adds that research has proven that one of the main reasons behind skin cancer is that the skin is exposed to chemicals, especially petrochemicals, and that the best way to prevent skin cancer is by constantly removing these chemicals.


The obvious reason behind washing the mouth during ablution, Salem says, is to remove the food particles, which could cause teeth and gum problems. That is also one of the reasons why siwak (brushing one?s teeth) is also encouraged before ablution.


When washing one?s nostrils, one is also performing a preventive health measure as the germs trapped in the nostrils are removed and do not pass on to the respiratory system.

According to a study conducted by a team of doctors in Alexandria University, the Prophetic tradition, which urges the exaggeration of washing the nostrils by introducing the water in the nostril then blowing it out, positively affects the inner coating of the nostrils. Those who carried out the washing in the correct form had clean, shiny nostrils with no dust clinging to the small hair inside. However, those who did not perform ablution had light colored, greasy nostrils and their nostril hairs fell off easily.


Repeated washing of the face invigorates the facial skin cells and helps prevent early wrinkles as well as having a cleansing effect on the inside of the eyes, which prevents eye infections, says Salem. Washing the ear helps rid them from wax accumulation, which may cause ear infections as well as affecting the inner ear, which eventually causes body imbalances.


The Prophetic tradition of encouraging one to wash between the toes while washing the feet, is also extremely important, says Salem, as it prevents the foot, which in our modern times is trapped most of the day inside shoes, from acquiring athlete?s foot.

Over all, he adds, ablution also has an exercising effect on all the muscles involved in its movement, which are thus being stimulated five times a day or even more according to repetition.

Rasul SAW said the face of the purification ritual that will alwaysshine. Messenger will recognize it later on the Day of Judgment because the former ablution. "My people will be later in the day of Judgment luminous face and legs because the former ablution." Wallahuallam...

"from various sources"

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